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It all depends on your body type and size, your baby’s size, how you want to use it, and just training diapers your preferences. If you live near a store that sells several brands, I highly recommend trying a few, or buying from a store with a “test drive” on carriers. Thanks to the supreme softness and flexibility of our cotton blend, you can both see and feel that your baby is being carried in a natural position. Went on a 5km walk up to the top of a mountain which included a lot of stairs.

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  • When your baby is one year old, you can start carrying them on your back, which often feels more comfortable as your child grows heavier.
  • Both are newborn safe, but we preferred the cozy fit of the Baby Bjorn for a tiny baby.
  • Worth considering if budget is your top concern, but keep an eye on your baby’s legs to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • They have padded straps and easily adjust similarly to a backpack.
  • The Omni allows for the straps to criss-cross in the back, which many people (including me!) find to be comfortable.

While the BabyBjorn has the status factor and name recognition, it isn’t as comfortable for the parent or the baby. The Boba Carrier and Ergobaby Carrier both have front and back carry options. The main differences between Ergobaby vs Baby Bjorn are. You might have seen somewhere the commercial for a beautiful stroller and many other things that you absolutely need for your baby. However, with all the preparations and the fuss around, you completely forgot where it was.

Ergo 360 Vs Tula Baby Carrier

Newborns require a bit more support than older babies and toddlers. The Ergobaby is designed for babies and tots from 7 – 45 lbs. This cute carrier is designed for babies from birth to 36 months. Hop on down below to check out my picks for the best baby carriers for summer. CUDL is designed so you can adjust and put it on alone, no helpers needed. When baby wants to sight-see their world, have them face out or switch to back carry mode for growing toddlers.

Beautiful, Light Carrier

Having this carrier on hand makes me feel like I can tackle any errand quickly and easily, without worrying about getting “stuck” or having to leave my stroller unattended. Unlike other carriers I’ve tried, the BabyBjörn is easy to put on. Get honest reviews on top products & services — delivered weekly to your inbox.

The carrier is at the top end of the market and it’s robust, well-made and comfortable for both you and your baby – it just depends whether you want to spend over £150 on a baby sling. The Cudl has adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable hook and loop waistband up to 145cm. The ease in which you can put the carrier on – and your baby in it – is a great selling point and probably the main reason to go for a Cudl over similarly-priced baby carriers.

Carry Positions

But before we even opened the box, another so-called baby expert friend of mine told me the ERGO had no neck support and we should get the BJORN. Turns out, by the time the baby met the weight requirement for the BJORN, she had full control of her neck anyway which defeated the whole purpose of the exchange. But what’s done is done and I was willing to give it go. Our baby is now 5 months old and we tried my brother’s old Baby Bjorn original and she absolutely loved being front-carried. The Ergo carrier can survive a load of up to 40 pounds while the Bjorn gives you a shorter range of between 8-26 pounds.

The lower straps, which are shorter, are tied around the waist. The hip waist straps mean the baby’s weight is distributed between the wearer’s shoulders and hips, a wonderful advantage over Baby bjorn-style carriers. This style of carrier also promotes proper hip development for babies. Mei tai carriers come in many different colors these days, and are made commercially , or are sold by work-at-home mothers on sites like Etsy. They can come in different sizes, either suitable for younger babies or for toddlers. As for the cons of LilleLight, you need to use an infant pillow insert in order to use it for the inward fetal position, which is an additional item that has to be purchased.

This ensures the carrier meets the TICKS guidelines and means your child is close enough to kiss. When the baby got too big for the sling, I exhaled for about five minutes and then decided to buy the ERGOagain. (I didn’t understand then Heidi, but I get it now!) Plus- POCKETS!!!!!

Carrying Comfort And Padding

I also think the magnetic buckles are a modern, intuitive touch. It’s also great that you can alter the opening where your baby’s legs come out – we found this really useful as our baby is quite small and this ensures we can position her safely and comfortably. Bjorn’s don’t have good support for child or parent so I’d stay away from them. I had trouble getting the ergo on by myself and found the insert awkward so I returned it. Many parents tell us that the Carrier One’s longer length works well for them. If you’re on the shorter side, this means more pressure on your shoulders, which can be uncomfortable if you’re babywearing for extended periods of time.