The UMYFP VMG for the Quadrennium 2022-2026


  • The UMYFP as a safe community of young people actively pursuing personal and social holiness.


  • The UMYFP is empowered by the holy spirit to equip and nurture the young people in ensuring an inclusive, safe, and motivating environment that results in equitable programs to fulfill the Great Commission.


Scriptural basis: “Be still and KNOW that I am God.” Psalms 46


The UMYFP invites Jesus to kindle His Fire unto us as we:

  1. Constantly seek and ask Him to purify and refine us in our impurities.
  2. Open our hearts to be strengthened and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  3. Follow His teachings through acts of Worship and Devotion (The General Rule of Discipleship, “The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church”, 2016, ¶ 1117.2a)
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill us up with love and compassion for others.  


The UMYFP, as followers of Jesus, aims to:

  1. Create programs which allow the youth to grow and mature in their faith.
  2. Observe efforts for membership care and stewardship with focus on young people and young professionals, addressing their unique needs as they go through the different phases of life.
  3. Provide safe spaces where young people can freely express because they are protected from biases and discrimination.
  4. Encourage members of the Fellowship to be involved with the church and society, and in doing so, to empower and equip the youth to lead.


The UMYFP, as advocates of God and His love, aims to: 

  1. Strive in becoming one with the children of God.
  2. Empower men and women of all nations to responsibly and compassionately fulfill the duties in the society.
  3. Reach out to the children of God –  connect through integrity, humanity and holiness.
  4. Voice out and stand for what is right and just.
  5. Engrave the teachings of God in the hearts and minds of young people.


The UMYFP, as witnesses of Jesus Christ in this world, aims to:

  1. Engage members of the Fellowship in peer evangelism.
  2. Yield increased participation of young people in lay speaking and lay services.
  3. Establish digital youth ministries adapted to the needs of the new normal.
  4. Strengthen campus ministries by organizing Methodist youth and stakeholders in high schools and universities.