HIPAC 4th AYCM Pre-Registration

4th AYC
This form will serve as our pre-registration for our 4th AYCM
Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,
Greetings in the Name of our Savoir Jesus Christ!
The HIPAC UMYFP Executive Committee invites the body to take part in our 4th Annual Youth Conference with the theme, “TINDIG”, key verse found in 1 Corinthians 15:58 where young leaders will gather together to discuss concerns and accomplishment reports.

Who: Open for both voting and non-voting delegates. Article VI, Section 2B of The UMYFP Constitution and By-Laws

b. Annual Youth Conference

1. The voting members are:

a. the Presidents of each Annual Conference;

b. four (4) members of the Annual UMYFP officers; and

c. four (4) representatives, one of whom is the president, from each district.

b. Non-voting members are:

a. the ex-officio members composed of the District Superintendents in the Annual Conference, the Chairperson of the Annual Conference Council on Youth Ministry, the Annual Youth Coordinator and the immediate past annual conference president; and 

b. all others present in the session.

When: 15-16 March 2024

Where: Binabalian United Methodist Church

This activity aims to listen to the situations and plans of the two districts in the Annual Conference. We expect that both districts will present their report.
For your concerns, please feel free to reach us through our face book page and email account hipac@theumyfp.org. You can also message directly to the Executive Committee written also here.
We are hoping for your cooperation. Christ above all!!!